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Finding My Place

Have you ever felt like life was coming at you full speed with tons of projects due at the same time? Or maybe you felt lost in a box and couldn't climb out. I can relate to being pushed in a corner with no sort of direction. I would feel overwhelmed by the littlest task because I had no sense of organization at all. I felt my life and everything in it was all over the place. I couldn't quite grasp that once you change mindset, everything else will follow.

I decided to take on my life clutter head on. I was at work one day and group of kids in my class were cleaning up toys. As I went behind them I noticed the dinosaurs were put into the bucket of cars. I continued to move the toys back in its correct place. It was then that I had my “AHA” moment. I realized that in life everything have its proper place. Whether it's involving relationships, work, or home and family life. It is vital to put things in its proper place. Here are few ways that can help you get rid of clutter in your life and a jump start to transforming your life.

The first one is sorting out the people in your life that are there for a season or a lifetime. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but as you start to reclaim your purpose everybody won't be equipped to ride the train with you. It doesn't mean anything less than their purpose has been fulfilled and their job is done. Your job is to continue moving forward and appreciate the lessons that were taught along the way. You need to create room for positive changes that are about to enter in your life. Holding on to the wrong things will hold you back from manifesting love, peace, and clarity.

The second way is to start setting goals. Setting goals help you get a clear vision on what you want to do. It will deter you from being a procrastinator. It will also help you focus and stay organized. Goals are what help keep us motivated to doing what we desire to do. When we set goals we tend to start believing in ourselves. They give us the motivation we need to aim for things we never thought could be possible.

Lastly, taking accountability over your life is your life saver. Believe and trust that you are worthy of greatness. Stand up and declare that you know longer desire to live in chaos, feeling overwhelmed, and free you from your old mindset. One of the hardest lessons is accepting the fact that you don't have it all together and its time to do something different. Old ways won't open new doors. You can't start to remove the clutter if you first don't acknowledge that it's there. It's fine to take some time to reflect, regroup, and recharge. I challenge you today. Start reclaiming your life. This is your moment of truth. The time is now. You have a purpose awaiting to be fulfilled. There are people waiting on you and your gift. The time is now, so Why Start Monday?

Ros Martin, Empowerment Coach

Founder of Queens on the Move Women Empowerment

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