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Motivation 101: How to Find Motivation (and Keep It!)

Motivation is HARD to find and even harder to keep.

At Why Start Monday, we understand that sometimes you can’t find that motivation to eat healthily, go for a walk, or get to the gym. And that’s okay. We want to encourage you to believe that you don’t have to work out every day to be healthy or eat a salad every meal to get lean. That’s not sustainable, nor will it lead to healthy overall LIFESTYLE changes. And that’s our goal - a healthy, achievable, sustainable lifestyle.

So instead of encouraging you to hit the gym seven times a week and eat a salad for two of your three meals, we instead want to help you find the motivation to introduce those small but effective changes to your life. Starting your wellness journey is SO exciting, but sometimes sticking to a plan or routine is hard.

At Why Start Monday, we know that this health and wellness journey isn’t always easy, and that’s why we want to help you have the encouragement, motivation, and inspiration that you need every single day. Here are our best tips for staying motivated in your lifestyle!

Motivation Comes From Every Day

Don’t get so focused on the long-term goals that you miss out on the journey! Keeping that motivation going can be SO hard if your goal is part of a five-year plan with no end in sight. Appreciate every single day of your journey so that you don’t become overwhelmed and so that you can keep up that motivation! You can do this by making smaller wellness goals, such as daily or weekly targets, to keep you motivated every day!

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Nobody is perfect. Make sure that throughout your wellness journey, you are kind to yourself. If you make a mistake for a day, a week, or a month - that’s OKAY. It’s all about recognizing, recommitting to your journey, and going for it again. No one can be 100 percent perfect all the time - nor do we want to be! Keep your motivation up by allowing yourself to be HUMAN, and get straight back on that healthy lifestyle as soon as you can.

Find Motivation in Your Support Groups

When you join Why Start Monday, you are joining a community that will support, inspire, and motivate you every single day. It’s so much easier to find motivation for your lifestyle goals when you have people that believe in you! We are here to cheer you on with every step of your wellness journey.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is such a GREAT way to stay motivated! There is nothing more inspirational than seeing your progress written down, whether in your health, wellness, mindset, or weight and fitness goals! You can make notes on your wellness, mental health, happiness, mindset, workout, inspiration, affirmations, and more with this journal - whatever you need to keep going and stay motivated.

Staying motivated is no easy task. Whether you are at the beginning of your wellness journey or you’re long into your journey, keeping up motivation is SO necessary! We hope these tips keep you on track and help to remind you that you don’t have to be perfect every single day! And remember - you don’t have to start on Monday for your health and wellness goals. You can start today!


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