Five Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is everywhere. And it has been for a while! It is designed to help achieve a more positive outlook on life and a focused sense of serenity and peace. Originating in India, it has become increasingly popular due to its fluid movements, strengthening of the body, and mindfulness properties. But guess what - SO many people are scared to start their yoga journey, and Why Start Monday is here to give you FIVE reasons why you should ditch the fear and start practicing!

Yoga is a great workout

This is an amazing workout for your body. You don’t have to be the best of the best right away but instead, practice at your own speed and comfort level. With yoga, whatever level you’re comfortable at, you can be SURE that it is still working your body. It’s an incredible, low-impact workout that leaves your body feeling energized, toned, and ready to achieve amazing things.

It connects you with yourself

Yoga is designed around moving your body. This means you have to be aware of how your body moves, flows, and lives. It requires both inner and outer strength to perform the exercises and get into a rhythm and ritual. It’s designed to increase strength and durability. Therefore, doing this on a regular basis will really get you to be much more in tune with your body and know when something is really working and when it isn’t.

It will improve your sleep

Yep - it’s true, yoga will help improve your sleep! Studies have shown that doing light, low-impact exercise like yoga improves the quality of sleep. One reason this might be is that this exercise is designed to stretch out our bodies, so many aches and pains we have can be treated before bed.

Yoga improves posture

A lot of the breathing and seated positions require you to have a straight back for proper effect. This means that yoga is pretty effective for developing a good posture! With more practice, you’ll find yourself sitting up without really thinking about it. With most of us working at our desks, we can often have slouched or slumped backs, and TRUST us, after a few weeks, you will be sitting up straight in no time.