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How to Get Motivation Back When You’ve Been Stuck in a Rut

Sometimes our routines hit pause. When we are stuck in a rut, it can be hard to dig deep and find that motivation to go again. This is especially true when we’ve been following the same routine for a while. You move through life, following your routine, doing the same things each day. You don’t notice the rut coming on. You know doing something different might help, but you lack the energy or motivation to try making a change. If this sounds familiar, then you might be stuck in a rut and WANT the motivation back to help you find your sparkle again.

Accept that you’re in a rut

Okay, so you’re in a rut. That’s fine! Don’t panic. Acknowledge where you are and that this isn’t just you being tired or fed up. Once you have had compassion for yourself and your situation, you can begin to rectify it.

Take a closer look at your goals

Working toward specific goals can motivate you and give you a sense of purpose. Even if a goal lies a little outside your current reach, there’s nothing wrong with that. Life allows plenty of room to grow, and you can often achieve those goals with some work.

When most of your goals are unattainable from where you are right now, however, you might continue failing to achieve them and end up frustrated with yourself. But DON’T beat yourself up, instead, look and see if these can be readjusted!

There is nothing wrong with taking a small step back if it means HUGE leaps forward down the line.

Make small changes

Instead of going through a huge life overhaul, when you’re stuck in a rut it’s best to adjust your life in tiny ways so that they are more manageable. Small changes in habits can make HUGE differences.

Practice self-care

Good self-care practices help refresh your mind and body. They can also boost energy and motivation, leaving you feeling more capable of reworking your routine in other ways.

You don’t need to overhaul your lifestyle, but try to carve out time for some of the following:

  • mindless relaxation

  • breaks from difficult projects

  • time off when you feel burnt out

  • regular exercise

  • time with loved ones

  • regular, balanced meals

  • plenty of quality sleep.

Find NEW ways to spark that motivational joy

Maybe it’s trying out a new hobby, hanging out with a different friend group, or something entirely different, it is good to change things up! Just make sure you don’t make too many changes all at once as this can be overwhelming.

Sometimes finding the motivation to do things again can be hard! But it is always better to pause, take a deep breath and assess where you are before you panic. If this rut means you take a step back for a bit that’s okay! Your long-term goals will still be there, no matter what. And, the team at Why Start Monday will support you every step of your journey.



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