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There is no better day than today to start my new journey with all of you. So, Why Start Monday!

Welcome to my new lifestyle blog, Sparkling Carla! I’m excited to launch this new platform after creating and building Haute Cocktail for 7 years. I started blogging in 2010 and since then a lot has changed. It is said that you shed your skin every 7 years, and 2018 it’s the year that I shed who I was and embrace who I’ve grown to be. Here’s a bit of how Sparkling Carla was born.

There is no better day than today to start my new journey with all of you. So, Why Start Monday!

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The thought of rebranding had been bouncing around in my head for around 3 years now. The fear of losing all the work I had done since launching Haute Cocktail stopped me. However, I’m a true believer that we will find reasons not to do something until we are actually ready to do so. That’s when the excuses stop, the fear leaves, and you are no longer doubting your ability to break the cocoon and let yourself present yourself to the world in a new light.

I guess the process of shedding started around 6 years ago, so by the time I was thinking of rebranding I was halfway through building the cocoon that would transform so many things within me and in my life. It was back then when Hurricane Sandy hit and a lot of material shedding started. Along the way, I’ve said goodbye and welcomed so many people, moved 5 times, was completely stripped of any sort of financial stability, crashed 11 couches in between moves and trips, moved to Miami and back, and learned that my spirit animal is the Unicorn (even though my mom had already hinted at this by the time I was 10).

Miami was, in a way, senior year… right before graduation year in 2017. It was there where I was stripped of absolutely everything. There was no walking and taking the train to events, or parties, or to see friends. There was basically no income. No furniture. Not even family or close friends (although the 3 ladies I met there are sure to be friends for a lifetime). It was in Magic City where the magic happened. Where there was so much spiritual and mental growth that I understood that the power to live my best life yet was inside of me… even when it seemed as if I had nothing to make it happen. It was also there where I learned I’m a Unicorn crossed with a Dragon.

Throughout this entire journey, I’ve thought of getting certified as a Yoga Instructor and even a Life Coach. I also learned to read the Tarot Cards and shared this humbling experience with close friends. After moving back to New Jersey, and seeing that I have, indeed, transformed (somehow!), I’m ready to rebrand in order to share a more authentic self. So, my intention with Sparkling Carla is to share fun finds and experiences intertwined with more of what life is about through my own experiences in the hopes of inspiring and/or supporting you through your own journey. I want to share the ups, the downs, the lessons, and all the things in between that help make life a more happy, sparkly, colorful, and magical experience even during the times it might not seem that way.

In this lifestyle blog, you’ll find fashion, beauty, food, cocktails, travel, and wellness topics all laced with experiences and inspiration to follow your bliss straight into happiness, love, and the life of your dreams. I hope you stick around and share this adventure call life with me and the people closest to your heart. If you have any questions for me or anything you’d like me to talk more about in a future post feel free to let me know on social media or by emailing me at

Sparking Carla

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